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The Edu Experience

Building A World Our Children
Can Succeed In


As teachers, we build the foundation for children to
explore the world. We prepare our children with the
necessary tools and mindsets to succeed in life. We
teach our children to appreciate the joys of learning
through engaging, relevant and authentic lessons. As
a teacher in The Edu Experience, you help build the
world for our children.

The Edu Experience

Your Learning Starts Here

We pride ourselves as educators who are always keen to learn. We want to spread this dedication to lifelong learning to
our students, and this fire starts within us. As reflective practitioners, we constantly reflect on our daily teaching. From
developing our mastery of content knowledge to exploring new pedagogical directions, we always hold ourselves to our
core principles – learning is a journey. As a team in The Edu Experience, our journey of learning starts here.


$4000 onwards

Senior Teacher

$6000 onwards

Lead Teacher

$8000 onwards

The Edu Experience

Grow With Us

At The Edu Experience, people are our most important asset. We invest in our team accordingly. Our team welcomes experienced teachers from the education industry who wish to spark the joy of learning in children. We believe in growing together with our team to nurture inquisitive young minds.

What a member of The Edu Experience’s team looks like:

Deeply passionate about inspiring young minds
Enjoys working with children from a diverse range of backgrounds
Works to ensure every child has the best opportunity to develop his/her potential
Able to adapt to challenges and think quickly on his/her feet
Has excellent communication skills and thrives in a team environment

The Edu Experience offers a competitive remuneration package for all our teachers.
You can submit your application here.

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted within a week. The entire hiring process is expected to take 2-3 weeks.