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Spark the imagination and develop critical thinking skills

Holistic Growth in The Edu Experience

As educators, we believe in the need to discover and
nurture a child’s strengths and interests, inculcate
important values and prepare our children for a
complex and uncertain educational landscape.

At The Edu Experience, we want to make sure our
students can make the best use of their potential to
grow and learn.

We have developed Enrichment Programmes as a way to cultivate our young minds to be critical, discerning learners and to have the skills to support their learning as they mature. These workshops provide a different spectrum of knowledge beyond the academic curriculum. They train our students to be confident thinkers and leaders. More importantly, they are a space for our students to grow in new ways and to discover their love for learning.

Our Enrichment Programmes are conducted in the form of standalone workshops which may span multiple sessions. Each session lasts 1.5 hours and focuses on one core skill. These programmes are offered free-of-charge to students who are enrolled in two or more subjects.

See a sample of our Enrichment Programmes here:

Let your kids unleash their creativity with our Design workshops! Participants learn basic Design concepts through hands-on crafting projects. These workshops help to strengthen hand-eye coordination and allow children to express themselves through design.

Sign your child up for our IT Enrichment Programmes to strengthen their Digital Literacy skills. Students will learn some basic IT knowledge and use online tools to assist with everyday tasks.

Teach your child to be a problem-solver! Through our Critical Thinking for Kids Programme, we train students to think analytically and break down problems in creative ways.

Our Life Skills programme focuses on developing the social and emotional competencies of our students. Through collaborative learning and role-play, students learn leadership skills and how to work in teams.

Enrichment Programmes

How does it work?

Sign up for 2 or more subjects and receive access to all our Enrichment Programmes for free.

Students who are enrolled in only one subject can attend our Enrichment Programmes at $50 per session.


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