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Hear From Our Parents

在12月的学校假期前我收到The Edu Experience 的宣传单便决定带孩子去试课。孩子上了第一堂数学试课后他希望第二天能上科学试课,等他上完科学试课后他用渴望的眼神兴奋地问我是否能天天来上课。看着孩子对学习的渴望我当然是求之不得啦!
由于是学校假期,The Edu Experience 很用心地安排了一系列的手工课,圣诞活动,学习小组等让孩子们真正的体会到快乐学习。
孩子在The Edu Experience 学习一个月了。他每天都很期待能去上课。我相信只要孩子喜欢便能在学习上,待人处事上获益。
在The Edu Experience 里不管是教师还是工作人员大家都很友善,很正向,只要您和孩子接触过便能体会。”

Parent of P4 student

“Unlike other tuition centres, The Edu Experience provides:
– UNLIMITED lessons. My son is able to relearn the same topic at least 2-3 times per week, to enhance his learning abilities and deepen his memory of a certain topic or subject
– Enrichment classes. The Edu Experience combines Science/Math/English in the enrichment classes which strengthens my son’s understanding of the subjects.
– Study Groups, we are able to drop our child early before class starts. He is able to join other children to revise his school work”

Parent of P5 student

“The Edu Experience is the place for every parent and every child to truly experience the best. The classroom, science lab and the state of the art parents’ waiting area, are all impressive. The curriculum is very encouraging as well. I am grateful for how caring and attentive everyone is. When we first met Ms G, and realised that she was a parent herself and we knew she would have known what was best for us.
Thank you teachers and staff at The Edu Experience for taking such good care of him. It is a second home to him now and we are really glad we found The Edu Experience.”

Parent of P5 Student

“I like the concept and the approach The Edu Experience implemented; Approachable, Friendly and Comfortable. Teachers and staff are helpful and friendly. This makes parents and children feel at ease and welcomed at all times. Most importantly, I feel that the centre put priority on the students’ progress than the centre’s profit margin. I am really thankful to you that at least this time, her holidays have not gone to waste but made them full of fun and awesomeness. Thanks a lot for filling her holidays with so many wonderful enrichment classes.”

Parent of P5 Student

“Enrichment classes – Both my boys enjoy a lot in each enrichment class, The Edu Experience designed the classes combining with Science, Math and English it also helps attain higher creative expression, kids feel relax and happy during this school holiday with all these classes with inspiring teachers.
Staffs – staffs are friendly and helpful, class schedule is flexible and accommodating (as they provided repeated classes).
Science class – The Edu Experience provides memorable exploratory learning experiences, my kids learn through play with all their hands-on activities.”

Parent of P4 & P5 students

“The Edu Experience runs a very comprehensive program that allows students to attend more than 1 lesson per week without extra charges. Very nice modern clean learning environment with very interactive tutors always ready to help and explain doubts that the students have. “

Parent of P6 Student

One Fee, Limitless Possibilities

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