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Limitless possibilities

Unlimited Tuition Hours

Our team at The Edu Experience understands
that learning doesn’t happen overnight. We feel that
children learn best when they are able to work at their
own pace.

In our classrooms, students can sign up for additional
tuition classes at no extra cost. These extra tuition classes
help to reinforce subject knowledge and develop confidence
in tackling challenging problems.

Unlimited Tuition Hours

How does it work?

Learning hour

When you sign up with The Edu Experience, you will be able to reserve one fixed, weekly tuition class for English, Mathematics or Science.

(This tuition class will always be available weekly. There is no need for booking.)

Mobile app

Class schedules are posted online for booking extra tuition classes in English, Mathematics or Science.

Learning hour

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How are we different?

One Fee, Limitless Possibilities

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