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Staying Resilient and
Supporting Our Learners

In these challenging times, the demands placed on our children to be self-directed learners are extensive. Often, much of the burden ends up falling on parents. Some even go the extra mile to accompany their kids during live video lessons.

As both educators and parents, we work to ensure learning continues in spite of a pandemic. Our children are, after all, not “learning from home”. They are “at home, in a pandemic, trying to learn”. To us, the physical, mental and emotional health of both you and your child are the most important things right now.

We have adopted the following measures during this trying period to ensure our students can continue learning with us and to make sure you have one less thing to worry about:
During Circuit Breaker, The Edu Experience will waive enrolment fees* and conduct lessons at 50% frequency until regular lessons resume. Our Enrichment Programmes and Study Group lessons will be put on hold so that our teachers have time to take care of their loved ones.

After regular lessons resume, we will continue to offer home-based learning for those who would like to exercise more caution. Our Enrichment Programmes will be available through online live lessons. Study Group lessons will be conducted through face-to-face periods only.
When Singapore moves towards full re-opening, we will shift back towards full face-to-face lessons only.

To ensure that our students get the best learning experience possible, learning materials for online lessons will be uploaded to an online repository 3 days in advance. A hard copy of the materials will also be printed at the centre for collection upon request. During a full lockdown, The Edu Experience will deliver hard copies of lesson materials to our students instead.

For the safety of our students, if your child has fallen ill with an Acute Respiratory Infection (or displays symptoms of cough, sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing or a fever), please inform The Edu Experience as soon as possible and refrain from attending lessons in-person until your child is well.

We are available through our main line at 6290 6789 or Whatsapp Message at 96519923.

Please use the following format for Whatsapp Messages:

*Terms & Conditions apply. T&C are subject to change without prior notice.

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