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Our Teachers:
The heartbeat of our centre

At The Edu Experience, we select teachers who have a
passion for developing young minds to join our team.
We teach every child like our own.

Our team contains a mix of ex-MOE teachers, curriculum
specialists and primary education specialists. The diverse
experience brought by each member of the team helps
us to develop lessons that are learner-centric and
relatable to students’ daily lives.

About Us

Beyond delivering engaging lessons, our teachers work to develop new pedagogies and leverage on educational
technology to make lessons more enjoyable. We want to capture that exciting process of discovery and help each child
bring out the confidence in themselves.

As a team, The Edu Experience has only one goal – to nurture the joy of learning in our children.

The Edu Experience

How We Started Our Journey

About Us

The Edu Experience was founded by a team of educators who share a passion for spreading the joy of learning. We firmly
believe that learning happens best when children are given ample time to explore in a fun, collaborative environment.
As educators, we understand the importance of constantly upgrading the way we teach and always developing new
teaching pedagogy. We work with strategic allied industry partners to explore new ways of making teaching and learning
exciting, interactive and fun.

The Edu Experience is the culmination of our efforts to spread our love for learning – a place where children can play, grow
and explore.

Our Ethos

As educators and parents ourselves, we want our
children to have the best environment for exploring and
learning without worry. When our children embark on a
life-long journey of growth, we want to know that they
are in great hands.

At The Edu Experience, we want to build the runway for
learning to take flight.

The Education Experience

We foster our students’ love for learning, encourage them to discover their strengths and equip them with the skills to help
them achieve academic excellence.

When our students walk through our doors, we want them to know – Your Learning Starts Here.

Our Values

The Education Experience

We believe in providing good value through
consistent, high-quality education
. Our
constantly-evolving curriculum was designed by a team
of curriculum specialists with extensive experience in
the education industry, ranging from former MOE
teachers to experienced educators who share
their insights on curriculum development.

As a learning centre, we were formed on the principles of being learner-centric. We firmly believe that every child
learns at a different pace, and that having more time for guided revision helps students to perform better academically.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Industry Partners

Growing up as digital natives, our children are exposed to media across different platforms and develop under the pervasive
influence of the internet. As educators, we feel that leveraging on technology allows us to engage our students in
ways beyond the limits of a traditional classroom.

We have teamed up with industry partners to facilitate and drive innovative learning pedagogies. Some of these include
multimodal engagement through Augmented Reality and Inquiry Through Dialogue (facilitated by the use of of Samsung Tablets &
Samsung Flip interactive whiteboards). These Educational Technology tools help to make thinking visible and allow us to design fun,
interactive lessons to engage our students.

In our classrooms, we make learning come alive.

One Fee, Limitless Possibilities

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