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The Edu Experience Curriculum
for Primary School Tuition

Starting a day of learning with the right mindset is crucial
for a child. At The Edu Experience, this begins with kindling
a love of knowledge and a healthy curiosity.

Primary School
Tuition Curriculum

Primary School
Tuition Curriculum

Primary School
Tuition Curriculum

Supporting our learners

Learning At Your Pace

After learning a new topic, students usually need to revise the new material and review their work before they understand a concept. In fact, mastering a topic usually comes only after a repeated process of practice and revision.

We offer students unlimited tuition hours to ensure that students who need more help with particularly challenging
concepts can attend repeated lessons on the same topic. Students who struggle with a topic can simply attend another lesson on the
same topic, review the concepts again and then practice with a fresh set of questions to test their understanding.

At The Edu Experience, students can also opt to attend classes for selected topics at a different level. Students who wish to
revise foundational concepts may opt to attend a lower-level class on the same topic. Similarly, students who feel that they
have mastered a topic may attend classes for the same topic at a higher level to challenge themselves.

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Charting your progress

Keeping Track of Growth

All assessment in The Edu Experience is logged
in our Mobile App. Students and parents can
track past scores to keep abreast of changes in
performance over time.
The Mobile App also allows uploading of
 school results. Using this record of past performance,
students can keep track of topics
that they need more practice in.

Knowing how to improve

Assessment and Feedback

Tests, quizzes and examinations are a necessary tool to facilitate learning. Assessment and feedback serve as roadmaps and
signposts to growth, identifying areas that can be strengthened and signalling skill or topical content mastery. Given the
impact of accurate and reliable feedback on student learning, it is important that we ensure our curriculum is always
aligned with the demands of the educational landscape.

Our curriculum constantly evolves to adapt to the needs of our students. We keep ourselves up-to-date with both MOE’s
syllabus as well as SEAB’s (Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board) exam format requirements and trends. Our lessons are always designed to ensure our students go beyond mastering the content in the MOE syllabus.

Differentiated Learning

Our lessons are always
designed with our
learners in mind. We want
your child to be excited to
learn with us.

Revision Hours

Every learner needs a
different amount of time to
master a topic. We offer our
students all the support
they need to excel.

Accurate and
Reliable Feedback

We identify challenging
topics for each student
and adopt a targeted
approach to strengthen
subject mastery.

Subject Mastery
and Up-to-date

Our teachers constantly keep
themselves familiar with the
MOE syllabus and we update
our curriculum to take into
account examination trends
as they emerge.

How are we different?

One Fee, Limitless Possibilities

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