How to become an all-rounded PSLE student who excels in English, Math and Science

As economies advance and countries become ever competitive, ensuring that your child is adequately prepared for all of life’s challenges begins with nurturing a winning mindset and a positive attitude to learning . This is an uphill task for any parent. It is therefore important to supplement a child’s education through holistic learning.

PSLE is a compulsory examination in Singapore. With the new scoring system, an emphasis on uncovering the strengths and interests of your child, on top of excelling in academics, is the new norm.

Therefore, the mastery of general subjects like English, Mathematics and Science through tuition and extra enrichment classes will help him or her accelerate all-rounded growth and personal development.  

The Edu Experience aims to build strong foundations for our students to become confident, disciplined, creative, and critical learners with a healthy sense of curiosity and thirst for knowledge.    

How does The Edu Experience help my child score as an English Enrichment or English Tuition Centre?

English is a native language in most countries and a poor command of English proves to be disadvantageous for any student. Competency and an aptitude in English, be it in spoken or written forms, will determine opportunities for future success.

PSLE English consists of 4 components: Paper 1 (Writing), Paper 2 (Language Use and Comprehension), Paper 3 (Listening Comprehension) and Paper 4 (Oral Communication).     

Most P6 students face challenges in these areas:

  • Oral and composition writing
  • Grasping grammatical concepts
  • Adopting effective learning strategies

All students are groomed into strong communicators and independent readers via a Structured English Curriculum that encompasses the following:

  • PSLE-format practices and timed-trials for revision of English Papers
  • Composition writing techniques to convey precise meaning effectively
  • Error-analysis strategies to improve PSLE composition writing
  • Intensive weekly grammar practices to perfect the grasp of concepts
  • Oral and listening comprehension practices
  • Vocabulary expansion and application
  • Mocktests and quizzes to identify weaknesses and areas for improvement

This mobile app is unique in supporting collaborative learning. The Edu Experience’s adoption of technology, such as the usage of its very own mobile app, aims to spark an interest in learning.

The mobile app enables enrolled students and parents to:

  • Book extra lessons on a weekly first come, first served basis
  • Book unlimited study group lessons and enrichment programmes
  • Uploadschool results to track academic performance  

We are the preferred education partner to help your child ace their English papers.

How does The Edu Experience Help My Child Build a Strong Foundation in PSLE Mathematics?

It is a well-known fact that the PSLE Mathematics Paper is the toughest to do well in. This is because the subject tests a student’s ability to grasp the application of complex concepts to real world scenarios. Old school practices like using publishers’ assessment books or exam papers as revision methods are outdated as practising a concept does not guarantee the true understanding of it.

Math is a subject that requires heavy visualizations of graphs, model diagrams and concept maps or models. This means that a different approach to learning Math is a true necessity.

With unlimited PSLE Math tuition lessons, students at The Edu Experience are able to clarify doubts outside of fixed school hours with experienced teachers.  They receive immediate feedback on weaker topics even after scheduled tuition classes have ended. The PSLE Math tuition curriculum here focuses on teaching students to approach problems creatively and exposing them to a variety of different questions.

At The Edu Experience, our teachers advocate blended classroom learning experiences through top-of-the-line teaching tools and the usage of Samsung Tablets and Flip Interactive Whiteboards. 

Students Learn Through this Structured PSLE Mathematics Curriculum:

  • PSLE-format practices and timed-trials for Math revision
  • Higher-order Mathematics solving strategies such as metacognitive and visualization for problem-solving
  • Exam-specific strategies and answering techniques that target specific question types
  • Exam smart academic habits like error-checking and time-budgeting
  • Guided practice in unconventional problems and exposure to a wide variety of different questions
  • Exam-specific knowledge like paper format changes
  • Monthly mock tests to identify learning needs

We are the preferred education partner to help your child ace their Mathematics papers. 


How does The Edu Experience Build Strong Foundations for PSLE Science for my child

Undoubtedly, PSLE Science is the most challenging to master and excel in as this is a subject that assesses a student’s ability to see the relevance of science in everyday life. Science is an application subject that requires heavy analytical capabilities through the use of graphs, data and statistics. This means that traditional methods of studying, such as memorising concepts or regurgitating definitions, will not work.  

The Edu Experience facilitates hands-on experiential learning to help students comprehend scientific concepts and theories beyond just knowing the “how” and “why” by answering worksheets or exam questions.

Students achieve PSLE excellence by learning to internalise scientific concepts and applying a critical mindset towards scientific problems. They are also trained to translate concepts into unfamiliar contexts through exposure to a variety of question types.

In summary, The Edu Experience brings Science to life. PSLE Science tuition classes are conducted to facilitate student engagement through multimodal Augmented Reality and Inquiry Through Dialogue as innovative teaching pedagogies.

Students learn through this Structured PSLE Science tuition Curriculum:

  • PSLE-practices and timed-trials for mock Science exam revision
  • Scientific reasoning techniques to applicable uncommon scenarios or scientific experiments
  • Observation and analysis of experimental set-ups to draw scientific conclusions
  • Structured question-answering techniques to ensure answers are short yet well-elaborated with keywords that answer the questions
  • Question-analysis and time-management skills
  • Guided practice in unconventional problems and exposure to a wide variety of questions
  • Monthly mock tests to identify concept mastery and areas of improvement

We are the preferred education partner to help your child ace their Science papers.  


Beyond academic excellence, The Edu Experience understands the importance of holistic growth. Our enrichment programmes aim to unleash creativity and spark unbridled imagination. Students are taught lifelong skills such as IT, Design and Critical Thinking to prepare them to face a VUCA (volatile, uncertain,competitive and ambiguous) world.  

To find out more about our tuition programmes, talk to our friendly staff today.


Providing a positive and conductive learning environment by removing physical and financial barriers

 Through research and the input of interior design experts, enhanced learning and productivity are made possible through the provision of a thoughtfully designed and conducive environment. A bright, spacious and modern centre layout caters to the learning needs of our students and fosters creativity and collaboration. We foster children’s imagination through the use of technology such as AutoDesk, BlackPanda and Samsung.

Book an appointment to view The Edu Experience’s classrooms or parent’s lounge with our friendly staff today.

Tuition classes impact and often provide a competitive edge in a child’s learning or academic journey. Our teachers embody values of commitment to education. Hence, The Edu Experience wishes to pay-it-forward by removing financial concerns through rewarding our students’ academic and non-academic milestone achievements.

We do so by celebrating our students’ hard work via a dollar-for-dollar matching tuition scholarship credit scheme that is applicable for any PSLE English, PSLE Math or PSLE Science tuition class.

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The Edu Experience wishes to transform learning into an enjoyable process for primary school students to build a solid foundation in Math, English & Science.

In Singapore, parents and students island wide recognise us as a preferred educational lifelong partner. See what they have to say about us here:

More importantly, our students incorporate themselves into a positive environment that challenges them to think outside of the box, promoting creative thinking and problem-solving abilities for life.

To find out more about our enrichment programs, talk to our friendly staff today. 

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